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Comprehensive diagnostics of all vehicle systems

service BMWIn a modern car are a wide number of electronic systems, especially in cars BMW. To determine the correctness of their work or fault finding special place computer diagnostics car. Thanks to experts of our service is carefully monitored the engine and all electronic systems, including fuel injection, automatic transmission, contact circuits, sensors, and other connection to the electronic control unit (ECU) with a special connector and allows you to see the data on a computer, and analyzed their , put the correct diagnosis. Experienced servismeny may interpret data based on the values ​​set by the vehicle manufacturer. It is also estimated fuel system and the compression inside the cylinders of the engine. To get the most accurate results of surveys carried out engine diagnostics computer with specialized software that takes into account all the parameters of a particular make and model of car.

The main features of a fault (for example, the engine):

  • The motor defective
  • The instability of the idling
  • Unwanted sound at work
  • The increase in fuel and oil consumption
  • Reduction of engine power

Carmakers advised to contact the car care center just six months to conduct computer diagnostics. This is justified, it is much easier, with a minimum of effort to get rid of only part of the problem than to make further major engine repair, or electricians.

Price of computer diagnostics is 30 BYN.

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