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Repair of automatic gearbox car

repair of automatic gearbox BMW (БМВ)BMWdoctor performs repair automatic gearboxes BMW cars and is one of the best in this bisness. A large number of refurbished boxes allow us to safely say that we know all about the problems of automatic transmission and will be able to resolve them quickly.

Employees "BMWdoctor" - excellent professionals with extensive experience, spare parts, used in the works - the original quality. Due to this, we offer you long-term warranty, documented on the repair services of an automatic transmission - six months or 10,000 kilometers.

On the problem of transmission indicated by the following attributes:

  • remain very strong jerks when shifting gears
  • The emergence of foreign odors, noise and vibration
  • Change the color of oil
  • slippage
  • Signal alarm status board computer

The advantages of our service centers:

  • Reasonable prices, free consultation
  • A professional equipment
  • Providing generalist repair box
  • Attracting the best experts in Minsk
  • Warranty produced automatic transmission repair

Troubleshooting manual are the "electric" and "mechanical" character. First shown at the damaged wiring, a failure of the hydraulic pressure regulators, in violation of the solenoid switching. Mechanical defects are caused by wear and tear automatic pumps, drums, planetary gear sets, shafts and require the intervention of experienced craftsmen.

Submitting an application for a description of the problem or leave your details in the form above, your request will automatically go to the master and within 10 minutes he will contact you, also you can call yourself Officer listed on the site by phone.

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