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Repairing a car engine

Repairing a car engine, MinskBMWdoctor is repairing BMW engines of any complexity. The exact cause of the problem definition, after a thorough diagnostic, you can quickly and efficiently, and most importantly to the economic cost of funds for the purchase of new parts, remove the defective available. During the repair work, all decisions made by the master service, agreed with the customer.

As most to spot the engine trouble?

The main features of faults that can be caused by wear and tear of the engine:

  • Suddenly raised oil consumption
  • Exhaust with a high content of "blue-gray" smoke
  • Increases fuel consumption
  • Reduction of engine power
  • Oil pressure falls
  • Engine overheating during operation
  • The emergence of "rigidity" in use car engine
Detection of such symptoms should contact a qualified service

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