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"BMWdoctor" - a specialized service dealing with full maintenance of BMW cars and other popular brands that can solve all the problems of your car.
Comprehensive diagnosis of all vehicle systems

uslugi BMW (БМВ), MinskIn a modern car are a wide number of electronic systems, especially in cars BMW. To determine the correctness of their work or fault finding special place computer diagnostics car. Thanks to experts of our service is carefully monitored the engine and all electronic systems, including fuel injection, automatic transmission, contact circuits, sensors, and other connection to the electronic control unit (ECU) with a special connector and allows you to see the data on a computer, and analyzed their , put the correct diagnosis. Experienced servismeny may interpret data based on the values ​​set by the vehicle manufacturer. It is also estimated fuel system and the compression inside the cylinders of the engine. To get the most accurate results of surveys carried out engine diagnostics computer with specialized software that takes into account all the parameters of a particular make and model of car.

Main features of fault (for example, the engine):

  • Faulty motor start
  • Instability idling
  • unwanted sound at work
  • increase fuel and oil
  • reducing engine power

    Carmakers should contact the auto service center every six months in order to conduct computer diagnostics. This is justified, it is much easier, with a minimum of effort to get rid of only part of the problem than to make further major engine repair, or electricians.

    Price of computer diagnostics 30 BYN


Chip tuning BMW (БМВ), Minsk (Минск)BMWdoctor provides service chip tuning BMW engines since 1998. The original control program for chip tyunninga we receive from the German tyunning studio, with whom we have long been working successfully change the motor control firmware.

Chip tuning is the setting for the electronic engine control units, by adjusting the internal parameters to optimize the engine. Also, often in the chip tuning is removing errors on catalysts and diesel particulate filters, as such work is the same way - by altering the programming of the control unit.

What are the benefits of chip tuning?

If we consider the chip-tuning in terms of the increase of power, it is to turbinirovannyh and atmospheric engines, different, as when tuning the engines use different reserves. If you configure the modes of atmospheric engine by correcting the ignition and fuel injection can be achieved gain torque and power within, rarely exceeding 8-12%, then the engines turbinirovannyh increase is mainly achieved through the redistribution of pressure turbine and can be 20-30% the initial value. So after changing the PLC program, aimed at increasing the capacity, usually slightly reduced fuel consumption, contrary to the opinion, formed as a result of the few literate tyuningerov. Another positive aspect of chip-tuning is possible to compensate for the service life of the engine spent. The fact that the software produced by the plant is designed for the new engines, and even less wear, the engine work harder to factory settings, especially if we consider the engines of the brand BMW, which are very finely tuned mechanism. With the correction of the control program can recover the initial engine power and torque.

How is chip tuning?

The entire volume of work on the chip tuning can be divided into three main stages:

  • Reading and preserve the original program with the engine control unit.
  • Modification and optimization software.
  • Record modified program back to the control unit.
Reading and writing programs are in most cases through the diagnostic connector, as manufacturing plants, with about 1996 began to implement in the control unit is electrically reprogrammable flash memory. In more rare cases, removal and disassembly of the engine control unit, and the application of in-circuit reading. On the new engine control systems, especially in diesel engines installed on the modification of memory protection, which is required to bypass the block and disassembly of its introduction into the programming mode. Our equipment allows us to read and write the program in such protected control units. Editing program is made on the spot, unlike many firms who bought programs abroad, which allows fine-tune the engine, taking into account the client. What parameters are changing? To increase the capacity of the engine, we change the angle settings ignition timing, fuel injection amount of time, if necessary can turn off or change the mode of the systems that control the exhaust emissions, for engines with turbo boost pressure changes value. It is believed that the chip-tuning the quantity of pollutants released into the atmosphere, but it is not so, since optimizing the composition of the mixture, the fuel is completely burned, reducing the amount of these emissions. According to current environmental standards, the manufacturers suppress real opportunities motor, causing it to run on lean mixtures. We let go of these limitations, align the mix and give the motor to operate at full capacity, while the fuel consumption is reduced.

Repairing a car engine

Repairing a car engine, MinskBMWdoctor is repairing BMW engines of any complexity. The exact cause of the problem definition, after a thorough diagnostic, you can quickly and efficiently, and most importantly to the economic cost of funds for the purchase of new parts, remove the defective available. During the repair work, all decisions made by the master service, agreed with the customer.

As most to spot the engine trouble?

The main features of faults that can be caused by wear and tear of the engine:

  • Suddenly raised oil consumption
  • Exhaust with a high content of "blue-gray" smoke
  • Increases fuel consumption
  • Reduction of engine power
  • Oil pressure falls
  • Engine overheating during operation
  • The emergence of "rigidity" in use car engine

Detection of such symptoms should contact a qualified service

Repair of the vehicle electronics

Repair of the bmw (БМВ) electronics, MinskBMWdoctor repairs electronic systems for cars BMW, which are known for an abundance of those. A set of electronic components, sensors, and control systems require a serious approach to troubleshooting-related electronic systems. Highly skilled professionals are able to eliminate any service electrical malfunction of both old and brand new cars. Remedy is possible not only to identify and replace the whole unit, the experts are able to understand the concept and replace the individual elements, which in turn reduces the cost of performing the work. The service replaces trains dashboard, etc., installation of additional equipment.

Repair of car suspension

service BMWBMWdoctor suspension repairs cars BMW. Vehicle suspension is subject to the most rapid wear. Good working order and properly tuned suspension ensures vehicle stability, comfort and flexibility of movement.

Any suspension repairs service starts with the diagnosis:

  • Brake pads, discs, drums, brake hoses
  • Shock absorbers, springs, bearing cups
  • Slack in the steering tip, ball bearings
  • Bearing hubs
  • Bushings and other components running gear
  • Tightness of brake system
  • State transmission
For repair of running gear used original spare parts. The decision to use certain parts made ​​by a master service agreement with the client. Repair is performed using a specialized professional tools. Important: late diagnosis and repair of suspension leads to increased wear of other parts of the car chassis.

Repair the vehicle fuel

topl BMWBMWdoctor is repairing fuel systems like diesel and petrol cars BMW. In particular, repair of fuel systems "COMMON RAIL", fuel pump, fuel injection pump VP-44, VE-37 (TDS). Check proper nozzles, spray nozzle replacement, installation and configuration of new injectors. The service provides professional setting angle of injection, and the fuel cycle.

BMWdoctor produces a full range of repair, removal, installation of all equipment fuel system.

The main Symptoms vehicle fuel:

  • Suddenly raised fuel consumption
  • "Smoky" exhaust
  • Significant reduction in engine power
  • Starting problem
  • Appearance of the "triplets" while motor vehicle
Repair of automatic gearbox car

repair of automatic gearbox BMW (БМВ)BMWdoctor performs repair automatic gearboxes BMW cars and is one of the best in this bisness. A large number of refurbished boxes allow us to safely say that we know all about the problems of automatic transmission and will be able to resolve them quickly.

Employees "BMWdoctor" - excellent professionals with extensive experience, spare parts, used in the works - the original quality. Due to this, we offer you long-term warranty, documented on the repair services of an automatic transmission - six months or 10,000 kilometers.

On the problem of transmission indicated by the following attributes:

  • remain very strong jerks when shifting gears
  • The emergence of foreign odors, noise and vibration
  • Change the color of oil
  • slippage
  • Signal alarm status board computer

The advantages of our service centers:

  • Reasonable prices, free consultation
  • A professional equipment
  • Providing generalist repair box
  • Attracting the best experts in Minsk
  • Warranty produced automatic transmission repair

Troubleshooting manual are the "electric" and "mechanical" character. First shown at the damaged wiring, a failure of the hydraulic pressure regulators, in violation of the solenoid switching. Mechanical defects are caused by wear and tear automatic pumps, drums, planetary gear sets, shafts and require the intervention of experienced craftsmen.

To make an application or description of the problem, leave your details in the form above, your request will automatically go to the master and within 10 minutes, he will contact you, also you can call yourself Officer listed on the site by phone.

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